A female readers perspective

pookA couple of  days ago maybe even a week I posted a blog about my book and in that blog I asked if the character Rachel was being supportive or stupid when it came to the amount of  time her husband Uncle Jordan was spending with their best friend and recently widowed Lisa. Well one reader of the book responded and said and I quote”hell yeah she’s being straight stupid, this woman is trying to replace her deceased husband with her friends husband . It’s obvious she has a thing for uncle Jordan and he has a thing for her, did u see how tenderly he kissed her. Rachel is a damn fool and if she don’t start paying attention she’s going to be a divorcee” my question to you is this. Would Lisa really set out to take one of her closest friends husband under the guise of being a grieving widow and would Uncle Jordan destroyed his family and all their relationships which includes both sets of children, plus Nessa and Uncle Jordan’s daughter are ROD’S!  Is this possible or am I being naive ???


My Next Project, “Secrets, Secrets, Secrets”

This is for my people that have already read “A Family in Crisis The Story of Nessa”  You know how Nessa ends, and what some of you are hoping happens next well Secrets takes it a whole lot further than what you might be expecting. Then that deal with Anna and Andre that your wondering what happens, well it is and is not what you think happened, then their story goes in a direction I sometimes have a hard time believing its’ going and I wrote it. I promise none of you saw Anna and Andre’s life going in the direction it’s going and this is only the beginning for their lives. As for Uncle Joe and those who have read know what I’m talking about. His live is over!!! You will have to reads” Secrets” to find out if it’s a literal or figurative statement! Uncle Jordan, Uncle Jordan, Uncle Jordan let’s just say this, he is going to have to practice what he preaches, lets see if he does or will he be a hypocrite???. Now Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, someone of you feel empathy for Lisa because of Nessa and others feel anger because of Nessa, well whatever your feeling about Ms Lisa is about to be amplified a hundred fold. As for Ms Nessa can’t really say much without spoiling it for those who still might want to purchase and read the book, so those questions you have will have to wait until Secrets comes out but like out said in my previous blog almost all of your questions with the exception of one will be answered concerning Miss Nessa!!! …Heavy Out…Image


My next project to be released in either Nov or Dec 2014 is part two of the four part series of books titled “A Family in Crisis”. Part two is titled “Secrets” and is the continuation of Nessa’s story and the introduction of Andre and Anna’s story as well as the ongoing drama that is Lisa and her kids and Uncle Jordan and his family, especially the direction his marriage might take. Secrets will answer all but one  of the questions you have from reading “Nessa” but will create a whole new set of questions that you will be thirsting to get answers to. If you thought Nessa sent you in multiple directions, then know “Secrets” will do that and more to include causing tears to fall from your eyes!Image

“A Family in Crisis”( FOR MOTHERS/WOMEN ONLY)

i’ve made the first twenty or so pages available to the public for free so I feel comfortable in talking about this! So here we go ladies. I’ve gotten some feedback from black women  about the beginning scene of my book where  Nessa has run away and her mother Lisa is driving all over the city looking for her and this is not the first time Nessa has done this.This last time Nessa runs away she gets herself in a really bad situation and certain things go down. The next day Nessa comes downstairs acting as if she did nothing wrong. Then she starts popping off to her siblings and threatens to have bodily harm done to them. Now her mother Lisa is standing there listening to Nessa yell cuss and scream. She even calls her husbands best friend Uncle Jordan to come and help her deal with Nessa. Now my black women/mothers are like they would have dealt with Nessa way before this, they would not have been driving all over the city looking for her, they would  have been waiting at the door for her to come home and jumped all over her as soon as Nessa walked in the door! Now my white women/mothers say they probably would have handled it the way the scene played out. My question to you ladies is this. Is it really a black and white thing in regards to how Nessa needed to be handled. If you havent read the book yet, read the first twenty something pages and please share your thoughts If your a friend of Anthony Dasher’s page click on the nessa  link and if your a friend of the Nessa page click on the notes link and happy reading! I look forward to your opinions and thoughts.

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Food for the Soul:

Hebrews Chapter 13: verse 2:   “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares” There was a lady who walked up and down the street in front of this beauty parlor, her appearance was unkempt, with her clothes being soiled and raggedy and her hair badly needed to be undone, Now this lady asked various hairdressers if she could come in the shop and get her hair done but each one of them told her no and not in a nice way! They made fun of her and called her bad names. The lady was just about to give up on this shop and try somewhere else when she met the owner of the shop and asked her if she could help her. The owner welcome the lady with open arms. She brought her a clean change of clothes, did her hair and even had her nail tech give her a manicure and pedicure. The lady thanked her and went on her way. A couple of days later the lady came back into the shop looking completely different almost unrecognizableImage, turn out this lady was a multi, multi, millionaire who came back to give the shop owner a check for a half a million dollars, turn out she just wanted to see who would be kind to her regardless of how she looked, hence the scripture about how we should treat strangers because you never know if that stranger is  your angel unawares!

…Stay Blessed…

“A Family in Crisis” Nessa Nessa Nessa

Nessa is a sixteen year old girl that on the surface has a marvelous life. She lives in a big beautiful house, she has all the materialistic things a kid could need. Her mother loves her. her siblings love her, and her Uncle and his family especially his daughter who is Nessa’s best friend. Why does a young lady with all those things leave her suburban mini mansion and head to worst part of the city to look for something to get into and why doesn’t her mother deal with it before it happens. What is Nessa trying to run away from now that she wouldn’t run away from when her father was alive. Why didn’t she run when her father was alive but runs and refuses to deal  with  her mother. What could a mother have done to make her daughter not want to be bothered with her. She has a secret we all know that. but she’s had this secret since she was eleven and her father did not die until she was sixteen,  you feel in the rest!!!pook

“A Family in Crisis” Is Rachel being a supportive wive or is she blind to the truth about what’s going on between Lisa and Uncle Jordan (her husband)

Okay Rachel is the wife of Uncle Jordan who right now is splitting his time between his wife and kids and his deceased best friends wife and kids. Thus far she is being very supportive of Lisa’s situation losing her husband, dealing with her daughters attitude and health issues as well as her own health issues. Where should Rachel draw the line, I mean when does it go from helping a family to the potential of something else. As it stands now, every time Lisa calls Uncle Jordan stops everything and goes to see about her, every time Lisa’s kids call he stops everything and goes to see about them. In a previous blog I ask the question is Uncle Jordan really this nice guy or the devil walking around in sheep’s clothing? I can tell you this without ruining it for those waiting on “Secrets” Here are somethings to consider to those who have read the first book, remember what happen after Uncle Jordan came from the hospital the very last time and he and Rachel had a conversation, Then (for the women) use your women intuition and you can get an idea what might be happening but remember nothing in my book is as it seems, so keep that in mind. I hope Rachel has her eyes wide open, there is something about Lisa that causes me to pause. Tell me what you think about Rachel’s response or lack of response. Keep in mind Rachel, Lisa, and Uncle Jordan have known each other since they were kids, but Lisa and Uncle Jordan have know each other longer and may or may not have had a little something going on at one time before or after???Image

…Heavy Out…

Food for your Soul: Hebrews Ch 11 verses 1 and 7

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him”.ImageDo you have all the time Faith, sometimes Faith or when it’s convenient Faith???

“A Family in Crisis” is Anna really this seemingly perfect child or is she really the one with a SECRET

Anna Macmillan has been a straight A student all her school life. She has had the same boyfriend since she was ten, she has never gotten in any trouble in or out of school. She has never given her parents any problems, she is kind considerate and extremely bright. She is a student at U.C.L.A. studying to be a Doctor. She is a virgin who has vowed to wait until marriage before having sex. Is Anna too good to be true, it seems like everyone in her family has some type of drama in their life. Is Anna really all together or is she hiding something that’s going to turn her family upside down and shred her families reputation!!!Image