(SPOILER ALERT) Questions after reading Nessa

HeavyThe most popular question people have after reading “Nessa” is “what is the secret Neassa has been holding on to since she was twelve years old ?”

the answer to that question is  when Nessa was twelve her parents went to Atlantic City  for the weekend. Nessa was there with her brothers  Carl and Wayne, her  sisters Anna and Fats, as well as her cousins JJ and Nicole who us also her best  friend.  They were all told not to have anyone in the house and they all complied but there was this boy that Neess was crushing on and he was getting ready to move away which made Nessa  really angry. So Nessa was in a funk and didn’t want to be bothered so after everybody went to sleep  Nessa decided to do something she knew she had no business doing . She quietly got dressed, then she made a call  once the person on the other end of the ohone answered the plan was set in motion. About twenty minutes later her phone rang again and Nessa answered  and said okay!


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