“A Family in Crisis” Nessa Secret

Okay Nessa is twelve years old when she goes through something that has truly affected her in a bad way and we all know our kids sometime go through things that are beyond our control. The question I want you to consider is this. Was her mother Lisa’s head in the sand. Why did it take four years and the death of her husband to make her realize that her child was in deep trouble. I mean mothers typically know what is going on with their kids, especially their girls, yet she makes excuse after excuse for Nessa’s behaviors, could it be that Nessa’s secret is better kept a secret because if its’ revealed it will mess up Lisa’s plan for her family, will we find out that Lisa had certain things in motion for Mac and her family and Nessa’s secret would severely dampen those plans? Could it be that Nessa’s parents sacrifice her state of mind for their own benefits. I don’t know how you feel about Lisa after reading the first book but when you read “Secrets” will it stay the same??? Please let me know how you feel about Lisa both as a person and as a mother…Heavy Out…Image


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