“A Family in Crisis” Would you allow your boyfriend/girlfriend to make you choose them over your family

I ask that question because a character in my book Carl is face with that decision, his girlfriend Angie is a straight dime piece, this girl is fine all over, face body, brains she got it all. The problem with having all her attributes is she feels that when she wants a man to do something he should do it because that makes her happyyyy and when she’s happpyyyy then your happyyyy. So anywho without spoiling it for those who may not have read the book, Carl’s family is dealing with some stuff and his girl Angie has given him an ultimatum! She basically told him to stop spending so much time with his family so he can be at her beckon call and if he didn’t then she would do something to get his attention and she wasn’t just popping off. This girl did the unspeakable to Carl especially with what he was dealing with. Would there be any situation where you would choose your boo over your family. Help me to rewrite this scene by telling me what  you would do if your boo gave you that ultimatumImage


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