“A Family in Crisis” Is Rachel being a supportive wive or is she blind to the truth about what’s going on between Lisa and Uncle Jordan (her husband)

Okay Rachel is the wife of Uncle Jordan who right now is splitting his time between his wife and kids and his deceased best friends wife and kids. Thus far she is being very supportive of Lisa’s situation losing her husband, dealing with her daughters attitude and health issues as well as her own health issues. Where should Rachel draw the line, I mean when does it go from helping a family to the potential of something else. As it stands now, every time Lisa calls Uncle Jordan stops everything and goes to see about her, every time Lisa’s kids call he stops everything and goes to see about them. In a previous blog I ask the question is Uncle Jordan really this nice guy or the devil walking around in sheep’s clothing? I can tell you this without ruining it for those waiting on “Secrets” Here are somethings to consider to those who have read the first book, remember what happen after Uncle Jordan came from the hospital the very last time and he and Rachel had a conversation, Then (for the women) use your women intuition and you can get an idea what might be happening but remember nothing in my book is as it seems, so keep that in mind. I hope Rachel has her eyes wide open, there is something about Lisa that causes me to pause. Tell me what you think about Rachel’s response or lack of response. Keep in mind Rachel, Lisa, and Uncle Jordan have known each other since they were kids, but Lisa and Uncle Jordan have know each other longer and may or may not have had a little something going on at one time before or after???Image

…Heavy Out…


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  1. I think she just trying to be supportive but theres one thing to support and theres another just to be blind and stupid i hope she does have her third eye up….but wow i cant bet thy probally still have feelin or wht if thy was still been messing around all these years. Omg this just get more juicy..come on secretsim out of patience lol

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