“A Family in Crisis” Nessa Nessa Nessa

Nessa is a sixteen year old girl that on the surface has a marvelous life. She lives in a big beautiful house, she has all the materialistic things a kid could need. Her mother loves her. her siblings love her, and her Uncle and his family especially his daughter who is Nessa’s best friend. Why does a young lady with all those things leave her suburban mini mansion and head to worst part of the city to look for something to get into and why doesn’t her mother deal with it before it happens. What is Nessa trying to run away from now that she wouldn’t run away from when her father was alive. Why didn’t she run when her father was alive but runs and refuses to deal  with  her mother. What could a mother have done to make her daughter not want to be bothered with her. She has a secret we all know that. but she’s had this secret since she was eleven and her father did not die until she was sixteen,  you feel in the rest!!!pook


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