“A Family in Crisis”( FOR MOTHERS/WOMEN ONLY)

i’ve made the first twenty or so pages available to the public for free so I feel comfortable in talking about this! So here we go ladies. I’ve gotten some feedback from black women  about the beginning scene of my book where  Nessa has run away and her mother Lisa is driving all over the city looking for her and this is not the first time Nessa has done this.This last time Nessa runs away she gets herself in a really bad situation and certain things go down. The next day Nessa comes downstairs acting as if she did nothing wrong. Then she starts popping off to her siblings and threatens to have bodily harm done to them. Now her mother Lisa is standing there listening to Nessa yell cuss and scream. She even calls her husbands best friend Uncle Jordan to come and help her deal with Nessa. Now my black women/mothers are like they would have dealt with Nessa way before this, they would not have been driving all over the city looking for her, they would  have been waiting at the door for her to come home and jumped all over her as soon as Nessa walked in the door! Now my white women/mothers say they probably would have handled it the way the scene played out. My question to you ladies is this. Is it really a black and white thing in regards to how Nessa needed to be handled. If you havent read the book yet, read the first twenty something pages and please share your thoughts If your a friend of Anthony Dasher’s page click on the nessa  link and if your a friend of the Nessa page click on the notes link and happy reading! I look forward to your opinions and thoughts.

…Heavy Out…Image


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