My Next Project, “Secrets, Secrets, Secrets”

This is for my people that have already read “A Family in Crisis The Story of Nessa”  You know how Nessa ends, and what some of you are hoping happens next well Secrets takes it a whole lot further than what you might be expecting. Then that deal with Anna and Andre that your wondering what happens, well it is and is not what you think happened, then their story goes in a direction I sometimes have a hard time believing its’ going and I wrote it. I promise none of you saw Anna and Andre’s life going in the direction it’s going and this is only the beginning for their lives. As for Uncle Joe and those who have read know what I’m talking about. His live is over!!! You will have to reads” Secrets” to find out if it’s a literal or figurative statement! Uncle Jordan, Uncle Jordan, Uncle Jordan let’s just say this, he is going to have to practice what he preaches, lets see if he does or will he be a hypocrite???. Now Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, someone of you feel empathy for Lisa because of Nessa and others feel anger because of Nessa, well whatever your feeling about Ms Lisa is about to be amplified a hundred fold. As for Ms Nessa can’t really say much without spoiling it for those who still might want to purchase and read the book, so those questions you have will have to wait until Secrets comes out but like out said in my previous blog almost all of your questions with the exception of one will be answered concerning Miss Nessa!!! …Heavy Out…Image


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