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Good evening folks hope you all had a happy Monday! As you all know by now I have a very important meeting this coming Thursday, so please forgive me if your tired of me asking you to purchase a book, read the book, and write a review. Well that’s what I’m doing, I have three days left before I attempt to convince various folks that “A Family in Crisis The Story of Nessa has what it takes to be the next great Television Show or Motion Picture! So please if your a family member or consider me a friend please support my dream buy spending $17.96, buying a book, reading the book and writing a review. The countdown is on, I know God’s hands are all over this project, because it was God that started me on this journey. Before God intervened the most I’ve ever written was a term paper in college, the I called out to God and he answered, some say God works in mysterious ways, now I went to God because my heart was heavy because of the way my dad died and I cried and cried trying to forgive myself for not being there and for the way our relationship was and I was tired of hurting so I cried  out to God  and said Lord I stretch my hands to thee, please take this burden off of me and God told me to write and I did, now I understand how I wrote “Unforgiven Sins Heaven or hell, which one will you choose??? How Nessa, Secrets, The Truth and Redemption came to be only God knows, so when I tell you this journey is of God I mean it with all my heart and soul. So that’s my story, your decision will be your decision, but I hope God will touch your heart and you will support my dream. May God bless you all and may Heaven smile on you!!!

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The Importance of Family and True Friendship

I am in the process of changing my life for the better, I’ve published my first book and I am currently in the process of selling my screenplay! I’ve learned so much about myself and people throughout this process. I’ve learned that when God gives you a gift and you use that gift in the way God intended, then nothing can stop that gift from coming to fruition. I’m not being arrogant but i KNOW THAT I KNOW THAT I KNOW that what GOD has for me is for me and if God is with me its’ more that the whole world against me. I mean those words but I’m human and because of that people can sometimes hurt your feelings and for the briefest of moments cause you to doubt yourself, Remember Jesus up on the mountain and devil coming to tempt him, he needed to be undergurged as well as he’s Jesus so what do want from me. lol That’s where your family and friends come in. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family/friends support system It starts with my mother (my rock/inspiration and reason why I’m doing this) and ends with my fiance (my one and only love) between them I have my sister (my all and all my won’t let me quit), brother (my whatever I need from the time I was a kid) and kids (my thinks i can do anything but fail)  who supports me totally but will tell me whatever truth I need! I don’t have many ride or die friends but the ones I do have are there for me! my man Fore who I haven’t seen in years but as soon as I told him what I was trying to do, stepped right up and was  there, saying I would buy the book because its you Dasher. My cousin Mook  who brought multiple books. My cousin in Orlando who did her thing, can’t say her name because if she writes a review Amazon may take it down!!! When your trying to do something like this you find out who has your back and who doesn’t. I’ve been extremely disappointed by some throughout this process, people you honestly thought you could count on went ghost,  but then there were others like the mother of my oldest child, and my daughters friend, Some other former classmates! Members of DYFS who have been there from the beginning when it was only 11 pages and a dream! My man way out in Arizona that came through and my man in Fla,  who said whatever you need I got you. My truck driver classmate doing his thing in the background! The people who names I don’t know thank you for supporting my dream!  I’m saying all this to let you know that it takes a village to succeed in an endeavor such as this. It’s important to let people know you appreciate their support. It takes a couple of minutes out of your life to tell someone thank you, I appreciate you!  those words carry so much weight and makes such a difference in a persons life. So whatever your doing in your life, realize you can’t do alone and be sincerely thankful for the people in your life because those people will be their whether your a successful writer and director or in my case a disabled veteran. If I have offended anyone during this journey I sincerely apologized  I am emotional and passionate about my writing and as I stated earlier I’m human and even though I know my book and Screenplay will be massively successful, my flesh gets hurt sometimes. I wish everyone who reads this posting the absolute best in whatever you do  and if I can help in anyway please let me know even if you haven’t supported me!

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Note:  I didn’t say names because if I do and they write a review I am afraid Amazon will take it down, I’ve had so many of my reviews taken down for reasons I still don’t understand, so know I meant no disrespect. Without you there would be no success!

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Sunday’s Food For Your Soul


Romans 8:28 And we know all things work together for good, for those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

Sometimes in life we go through things that leave us puzzled and perplexed. You may feel like God has forgotten about you. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Trials in life will occur. Be encouraged and stand strong and know, that you know, that you know that God is working it all out for your good. There is nothing that is too hard for God! Continue to love, seek and praise Him through your challenges. Your victory is in your praise! 

My Play “Unforgiven Sins Heaven or hell

Good Afternoon my name is Anthony Dasher and I am the Writer/Director of the soon to be hit play “Unforgiven Sins Heaven or hell, which one will you choose? Anyone interested in Being a part of a production that will leave the audience begging for more please contact me at passion4writing@gmail.com or via cell phone at 678-242-9175. The scenes for the production “Unforgiven Sins Heaven or hell, which one will you choose are as follows:
Unforgiveness from a males perspective dealing with romance!

Unforgiveness from a female perspective dealing with romance!

Unforgiveness from a female perspective dealing with romance/parent!

Unforgiveness from a female perspective dealing with romance/marriage!

Unforgiveness from a female perspective dealing with a sibling!

Unforgiveness from a female perspective dealing with a sibling!

Unforgiveness from a males perspective dealing with friendships!

Unforgiveness from a female perspective dealing with friendships!

Unforgiveness from a males perspective child towards a parent!

Unforgiveness from a female perspective child towards a parent!

I tried to cover as many human relationships as possible, I realize I left off Unforgiveness from a parents perspective towards a child which happens more than we know, but for now we don’t have that scene, I will say this if I get enough feedback from parents that have dealings with that issue I could easily write that scene.
Looking for a female teenager 16years old for the child/parent scene.
Need three males 25 to 5o.
five females 25 to 50.

Hoping to have a casting call Friday Apr 11th from 6pm to 9pm, Saturday April 12th from 1pm to 5pm and Sunday Apr 13th from 2pm to 6pm location to be determined. Please come out and help me set the ATL on fire with my very first Production “Unforgiven Sins Heaven or hell, which one will you choose. The play will be done in monologue style so each actor will have an opportunity to connect with the audience and bring alot of their own emotions and passion to their scene. pookpook, there will be no props just you and the audience, so were looking for passionate individuals to connect with the audience while they share their battle with Unforgiveness.

***Food for your Soul*** “In observance of Lent”

Good early sunday morning, as some of you might know Lent is the 40 day season of preparation before Easter or the resurrection of Christ. It calls for you to sacrifice something that is near and dear to your heart, something that requires a real sacrifice in order for you to do without it. This will be the first time I’ve participated in Lent in quite some time I’m embarrass to admit! For this season of Lent I am sacrificing any form of Hamburger. Some might be saying Hamburger, what kind of sacrifice is that, well if you knew me personally you would totally understand. I am six foot four 280 pounds of carnivorous man. I don’t think I’ve ever gone forty days without eating a hamburger since I’ve been eating them. I want Christ to know that I understand the sacrifice he made for me and for you. What other human would give up their lives for people they didn’t know, and in some instances didn’t deserve it. A man who had never done a wrong thing in his life, a man who walked the earth bringing joy and healing where ever he went. A man incapable of doing wrong, a man incapable of harming a soul. The only perfect man that will ever walk the face of this earth and Oh at his great reappearanceImage  when he meets some of us in the sky. The way you walk in your life today will decide if you meet Christ in the sky (that’s my opinion and what I believe) So lets us take advantage of this opportunity to show Christ just how much his ultimate sacrifice meant to us. What are you willing to give up  until Easter Sunday morning when Christ got up from that grave and join his father  on his right side, intervening on yours and mine behalf. I God and I love his son Jesus The Christ. Do you love him and are you willing to make a sacrifice for the next 36 days??? I would love to her your thoughts on Lent and what if anything are you willing to sacrifice. Its’ 530 in the morning and my mind is alive and full of creative thoughts and ideas and I have such a feeling of love in my heart and I know it only because of Christ that’s in my heart. Stay Blessed

…Heavy Out…

“The Ugly Side Of Love”

Yesterday I told you about my book, The Ugly Side Of Love due out the summer of 2015, I told you it would deal with low-down heartbreak and heartache love, the I thought he was the one and, your the only one for me love. The I don’t want nobody else to ever make love to mepook but you kind of love. It deals with women following their man and catching them cheating kind of love, and the please, please, don’t leave me because if you do I’ll just die kind of love. The I hate your ass and I wish you would die kind of love. Well for all practical purposes the book is completed sans the cover, still trying to come up with the type of cover that tells a story within the story, if you know what I mean. If you have any ideas on what the cover should look like please don’t hesitate to let me know. I relish your thoughts and ideas because at the end of the day, your the one purchasing and reading the book. I also would like to know if any of you would be interested in sharing your ugly kind of love moment to be inserted into the book, I would like to do a testimonial page towards the end of the book. I realize that those ugly love moments are not always something folk want to bring back to their conscious mind but for others it might be therapy. If you want to share your story please contact me at passion4writing@gmail.com or Facebook me @Anthony Dasher. I would love to hear from you!!!
…Heavy Out…

***More Projects*** “The Ugly Side of Love”

Again I’ve told you about “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa” currently available on Amazon, “Secrets” coming out in Nov-Dec, then I told you about “The Truth” coming out in the fall of 2015 and “Redemption” date to be determined, all four book are part of the “Family in Crisis” series. Then I shared how I got started in writing, the year 2006 after struggling with my fathers death and asking God to take that burden off of me and God gave me “Unforgiven Sins Heaven or hell, which one will you choose” a story that deal with Unforgiveness on a personal, spiritual,mental, financial, and health point of view. I seriously considering publishing “Unforgiven Sins” in May 2014, but it’s not set in stone! One of my other projects deals with a topic everyone has been affected by and that’s love but there are so many books that deal with the funny side of love, the romantic side of love, the love by chance and so on and so on but I decided to come at you from a whole different perspective. The title of my book coming to you sometime in the year 2015 is called “The Ugly Side of Love” and it deals with the low- down heartbreak and heartache, the I thought he was the one and, your the only one for me, the I don’t want nobody else to ever make love but you kind of love. It deals with women following their man and catching them cheating kind of love, and the please, please, don’t leave me because if you do I’ll just die kind of love. That’s just a sample of what you can expect from “The Ugly Side of Love” and so much more! We all have had some kind of experience with this type of love and I felt it was time to talk about it. Love can and is a beautiful, beautiful out pour of emotions and when done right can be one of the closest ways we can get to God because God is love, but more time than not love goes awry and can lead to jail time and even death. So look out for “The Ugly Side of Love” it will take your emotions places you thought you had forgotten. ***Coming to you the summer of 2015***

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***More Upcoming Projects*** Unforgiven Sins, Heaven or hell, which one will you choose? The reason why I write!!!

Good Morning folks My father died February 7th 2001, a day I will never forget, its’ strange because no matter how many times I replay his death in my mind, I still come to the same conclusion, I just did not realize he was that sick. I loved my father and he loved me  but we often had this disconnect and unfortunately for me we did not reconnect before his death. Years after my fathers death I was still struggling with the fact that he was gone and I would never get a chance to make things right. So by 2006 the feelings of heartache and pain had gotten no better, I mean every time I heard certain songs, or watch certain movies or was reminded of something he would have said or done I would start crying hysterically. It had been five years since my fathers death and instead of me coming to grips with it, I was struggling mightily. So I did what many others before me had done!  About three o clock in the AM I went into my bathroom, I got down on my knees and said “Lord I stretch my hands to thee, I can’t go on feeling like this, not one more day, please Lord take this burden from me” I laid there on my bathroom floor crying and suddenly a crystal clear voice spoke to me and  said “write my son write” Needless to say I did what God had commanded me to do! The very first book I wrote I called it “Unforgiven Sins, Heaven or hell, which one will you choose??? I had never written anything besides a term paper before I fell down on my knees to ask God for help and now words were coming into my head at a rapid rate and as I’m writing these words all the hurt heartache and pain was leaving my body. The words God gave to me were about forgiveness and how walking around with a unforgiven spirit is totally against God’s will and if I wanted to have a healthy and prosperous life I needed to first forgive myself and then I had to forgive my dad because my dad was no longer here on earth and how important it is to forgive one another and reconcile relationships while that per yet lives. At that moment I purged that unforgiven spirit  out of my heart and out of my mind. If you have ever had a moment when God comes into your heart, takes over your body, and his presence is so strong and his words and his will takes over your body then you can relate to what I experienced. By the time I was finished writing I had almost two hundred pages of God given words that teaches us that if we continue to spend time holding grudges, refusing to forgive one another, big issues or small issue, it does not matter to God. That if we continue on this path, then we were choosing hell over Heaven because there is no way an unforgiven spirit could enter into Heaven. I was so excited about the purging I had received that I could not wait to share it with family members, with friends, and hopefully to the world, so I submitted it to a publishing company and they initially wanted to publish my writings but they wanted to change it, they wanted  sensationalize it and turn into some tabloid type reading and there was no way I was going to turn something that God had given to me into trash, so that is why Unforgiven Sins has not been published as of yet. I am contemplating publishing Unforgiven Sins in between Nessa and Secrets but its not final. If you have ever dealt with not forgiving yourself or someone else then this is the book for you. Its’ a combination of personal experiences, scripture references and testimonials that hopefully will touch your live and help  you to realize that walking around with an unforgiven spirit will keep you from Heaven

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Lets talk about writing a book

I have written 12 projects to completion. Out of the twelve, I have one that is published and available for purchase, the other six books are waiting to be releases, my play will be cast soon and, the four screenplays are being shopped to various industry folks. Now I am brand new to this writing game but I did try to pattern myself like Mr.Tyler Perry, not from a writing style but from the perspective that he believes in writing in bulk so that’s what I did. I can put something out one a year for the next six years and I’m working on other books as we speak. I believe that it is important that the beginning of ones book should grab the reader and the end should keep the reader anticipating your next writing or make them reread the current one. Most people expect there to be a lull in your book, I’ve tried to minimize if not eliminate lulls. Writing to me is a healthy way to rid your mind of all thoughts it carries day end and day out so that you can turn your brain off and get a good nights sleep. I also try to keep the reader guessing, in my humble opinion if you can figure the book out in the first 15 to 30 pages then the author is doing something wrong.I want you to believe that you know where the story is going only to find out you were dead wrong. I also want my readers to be able to identify with the characters  in the story to the point where they align themselves with certain characters and will defend them to the end of the story. Do any of you have any ideas or thought you’d be willing to share to help me and hopefully others enhance their writing abilities. I would really appreciate if you would share your thoughts!!!!

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