***Upcoming Projects***

So far I’ve told you about two projects, “A Family in Crisis The Story of Nessa” and part II “Secrets” well it gets better! After Secrets comes out in Nov-Dec 2014 then you will have part III which is titled “The Truth” I hope you all are following the titles of these books because there is a message behind “Secrets” and “The Truth” as well as Redemption part IV of the series, to which I hope someone will be gracious enough to share what they think the message is. Anywho, God willing ‘The Truth will come to you the fall of 2015 now the “Truth” will finally answer the most important question my readers have had since the very beginning of the “Family in Crisis”  what is this secret Nessa is keeping and when you find out what the secret is your mouth will hang open and you will go back and read Nessa and then go back and read “Secrets” where if you read very carefully you will see that the answer was right in front of you  all the time. Hopefully by the time “The Truth” is published we will be on Television that’s right I said Television, currently I am in discussion with various industry folks to bring Nessa to a TV near you. Now back to  “The Truth”  not only will Nessa’s secret be revealed but Uncle Jordan will have to stare in the mirror and decide whether he is going to be a hypocrite or practice what he preaches and his decision will definitely affect a relationship that is near and dear to his heart. After Nessa’s secret is revealed her mother Lisa will have to answer questions and provide reasons for things she never thought would be revealed. Nessa’s brother Carl is at a crossroads and the decision he makes will have a long lasting affect on someone near and dear to his heart. Andre and Anna’s lives have been turned upside and down and you can’t help but wonder if they will be able to survive this ultimate challenge.  So there you have it, a little snippet of the third installment of the Family in Crisis series “The Truth” and keep in mind there is one more installment to come and that is “Redemption” and whatever you believe is the definition of this word, take that definition and throw it out the window!!!

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