Lets talk about writing a book

I have written 12 projects to completion. Out of the twelve, I have one that is published and available for purchase, the other six books are waiting to be releases, my play will be cast soon and, the four screenplays are being shopped to various industry folks. Now I am brand new to this writing game but I did try to pattern myself like Mr.Tyler Perry, not from a writing style but from the perspective that he believes in writing in bulk so that’s what I did. I can put something out one a year for the next six years and I’m working on other books as we speak. I believe that it is important that the beginning of ones book should grab the reader and the end should keep the reader anticipating your next writing or make them reread the current one. Most people expect there to be a lull in your book, I’ve tried to minimize if not eliminate lulls. Writing to me is a healthy way to rid your mind of all thoughts it carries day end and day out so that you can turn your brain off and get a good nights sleep. I also try to keep the reader guessing, in my humble opinion if you can figure the book out in the first 15 to 30 pages then the author is doing something wrong.I want you to believe that you know where the story is going only to find out you were dead wrong. I also want my readers to be able to identify with the characters  in the story to the point where they align themselves with certain characters and will defend them to the end of the story. Do any of you have any ideas or thought you’d be willing to share to help me and hopefully others enhance their writing abilities. I would really appreciate if you would share your thoughts!!!!

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