Hey Ya’ll  hope everybody had a wonderful weekend and especially Sunday where here in the ATL the temperature made it past the 70 degree mark. Now I’ve told ya’ll about “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa” and the roller coaster ride which is this story and you find out that 16 year old Nessa has a secret that if revealed will cause the family she once knew to never be the same. Also in this installment you are introduce to Anna and Andre and you get a small glimpse of the direction their lives are about to go. Then we have Uncle Jordan and Lisa, Nessa’s  mother. Is theirs just a friendship or is there something more sinister going on between them, Them I told you about “Secrets” and how it would answer all your questions from A Family in Crisis except one but would leave you with a whole new set of questions and “Secrets” will leave you in tears! The I told you about “The Truth” and how you would finally find out the secret that Ms Nessa has been holding on to since she was twelve years old. You also will see family at it’s most devious and more than a few folks is going to have look in the mirror and decide if they can deal with what  they see, and you probably will still be drying your eyes from Secrets so don’t bother to put the Kleenex away just yet because the ending of ‘The Truth” will leave you with your  mouth open and tears falling from your eyes! Finally you have “Redemption” now you will still be reeling from the ending that was the Truth as well as other events that unfolded during the story and your saying to yourself finally redemption which to most people means  “The act of redeeming or making  a wrong into a right” So I’ sure your like finally all this  stuff that  has gone on up to this point is finally over and were going to have a happy ending. Lisa and Rachel, Uncle Jordan’s wife will make up and we’ll find out that nothing was amiss between Lisa and Uncle Jordan, Anna and Andre make it through their issue and stay together, Nessa overcomes her issues to include that secret that had her burden and the rest of the characters all live happily ever after because that’s redemption and since all the other titles have been relevant to the story, so should this one right??? My answer to that would be hmmmm!!!! Could be, could be not you will just  have to wait and see, but I will share this with you, NOTHING IS EVER AS IT SEEMS TO INCLUDE THE TITLE

…Heavy Out…Image                                                                            


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