***More Upcoming Projects*** Unforgiven Sins, Heaven or hell, which one will you choose? The reason why I write!!!

Good Morning folks My father died February 7th 2001, a day I will never forget, its’ strange because no matter how many times I replay his death in my mind, I still come to the same conclusion, I just did not realize he was that sick. I loved my father and he loved me  but we often had this disconnect and unfortunately for me we did not reconnect before his death. Years after my fathers death I was still struggling with the fact that he was gone and I would never get a chance to make things right. So by 2006 the feelings of heartache and pain had gotten no better, I mean every time I heard certain songs, or watch certain movies or was reminded of something he would have said or done I would start crying hysterically. It had been five years since my fathers death and instead of me coming to grips with it, I was struggling mightily. So I did what many others before me had done!  About three o clock in the AM I went into my bathroom, I got down on my knees and said “Lord I stretch my hands to thee, I can’t go on feeling like this, not one more day, please Lord take this burden from me” I laid there on my bathroom floor crying and suddenly a crystal clear voice spoke to me and  said “write my son write” Needless to say I did what God had commanded me to do! The very first book I wrote I called it “Unforgiven Sins, Heaven or hell, which one will you choose??? I had never written anything besides a term paper before I fell down on my knees to ask God for help and now words were coming into my head at a rapid rate and as I’m writing these words all the hurt heartache and pain was leaving my body. The words God gave to me were about forgiveness and how walking around with a unforgiven spirit is totally against God’s will and if I wanted to have a healthy and prosperous life I needed to first forgive myself and then I had to forgive my dad because my dad was no longer here on earth and how important it is to forgive one another and reconcile relationships while that per yet lives. At that moment I purged that unforgiven spirit  out of my heart and out of my mind. If you have ever had a moment when God comes into your heart, takes over your body, and his presence is so strong and his words and his will takes over your body then you can relate to what I experienced. By the time I was finished writing I had almost two hundred pages of God given words that teaches us that if we continue to spend time holding grudges, refusing to forgive one another, big issues or small issue, it does not matter to God. That if we continue on this path, then we were choosing hell over Heaven because there is no way an unforgiven spirit could enter into Heaven. I was so excited about the purging I had received that I could not wait to share it with family members, with friends, and hopefully to the world, so I submitted it to a publishing company and they initially wanted to publish my writings but they wanted to change it, they wanted  sensationalize it and turn into some tabloid type reading and there was no way I was going to turn something that God had given to me into trash, so that is why Unforgiven Sins has not been published as of yet. I am contemplating publishing Unforgiven Sins in between Nessa and Secrets but its not final. If you have ever dealt with not forgiving yourself or someone else then this is the book for you. Its’ a combination of personal experiences, scripture references and testimonials that hopefully will touch your live and help  you to realize that walking around with an unforgiven spirit will keep you from Heaven

…Heavy Out…pook


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