***More Projects*** “The Ugly Side of Love”

Again I’ve told you about “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa” currently available on Amazon, “Secrets” coming out in Nov-Dec, then I told you about “The Truth” coming out in the fall of 2015 and “Redemption” date to be determined, all four book are part of the “Family in Crisis” series. Then I shared how I got started in writing, the year 2006 after struggling with my fathers death and asking God to take that burden off of me and God gave me “Unforgiven Sins Heaven or hell, which one will you choose” a story that deal with Unforgiveness on a personal, spiritual,mental, financial, and health point of view. I seriously considering publishing “Unforgiven Sins” in May 2014, but it’s not set in stone! One of my other projects deals with a topic everyone has been affected by and that’s love but there are so many books that deal with the funny side of love, the romantic side of love, the love by chance and so on and so on but I decided to come at you from a whole different perspective. The title of my book coming to you sometime in the year 2015 is called “The Ugly Side of Love” and it deals with the low- down heartbreak and heartache, the I thought he was the one and, your the only one for me, the I don’t want nobody else to ever make love but you kind of love. It deals with women following their man and catching them cheating kind of love, and the please, please, don’t leave me because if you do I’ll just die kind of love. That’s just a sample of what you can expect from “The Ugly Side of Love” and so much more! We all have had some kind of experience with this type of love and I felt it was time to talk about it. Love can and is a beautiful, beautiful out pour of emotions and when done right can be one of the closest ways we can get to God because God is love, but more time than not love goes awry and can lead to jail time and even death. So look out for “The Ugly Side of Love” it will take your emotions places you thought you had forgotten. ***Coming to you the summer of 2015***

…Heavy Out…Image



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