“The Ugly Side Of Love”

Yesterday I told you about my book, The Ugly Side Of Love due out the summer of 2015, I told you it would deal with low-down heartbreak and heartache love, the I thought he was the one and, your the only one for me love. The I don’t want nobody else to ever make love to mepook but you kind of love. It deals with women following their man and catching them cheating kind of love, and the please, please, don’t leave me because if you do I’ll just die kind of love. The I hate your ass and I wish you would die kind of love. Well for all practical purposes the book is completed sans the cover, still trying to come up with the type of cover that tells a story within the story, if you know what I mean. If you have any ideas on what the cover should look like please don’t hesitate to let me know. I relish your thoughts and ideas because at the end of the day, your the one purchasing and reading the book. I also would like to know if any of you would be interested in sharing your ugly kind of love moment to be inserted into the book, I would like to do a testimonial page towards the end of the book. I realize that those ugly love moments are not always something folk want to bring back to their conscious mind but for others it might be therapy. If you want to share your story please contact me at passion4writing@gmail.com or Facebook me @Anthony Dasher. I would love to hear from you!!!
…Heavy Out…


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