***Food for your Soul*** “In observance of Lent”

Good early sunday morning, as some of you might know Lent is the 40 day season of preparation before Easter or the resurrection of Christ. It calls for you to sacrifice something that is near and dear to your heart, something that requires a real sacrifice in order for you to do without it. This will be the first time I’ve participated in Lent in quite some time I’m embarrass to admit! For this season of Lent I am sacrificing any form of Hamburger. Some might be saying Hamburger, what kind of sacrifice is that, well if you knew me personally you would totally understand. I am six foot four 280 pounds of carnivorous man. I don’t think I’ve ever gone forty days without eating a hamburger since I’ve been eating them. I want Christ to know that I understand the sacrifice he made for me and for you. What other human would give up their lives for people they didn’t know, and in some instances didn’t deserve it. A man who had never done a wrong thing in his life, a man who walked the earth bringing joy and healing where ever he went. A man incapable of doing wrong, a man incapable of harming a soul. The only perfect man that will ever walk the face of this earth and Oh at his great reappearanceImage  when he meets some of us in the sky. The way you walk in your life today will decide if you meet Christ in the sky (that’s my opinion and what I believe) So lets us take advantage of this opportunity to show Christ just how much his ultimate sacrifice meant to us. What are you willing to give up  until Easter Sunday morning when Christ got up from that grave and join his father  on his right side, intervening on yours and mine behalf. I God and I love his son Jesus The Christ. Do you love him and are you willing to make a sacrifice for the next 36 days??? I would love to her your thoughts on Lent and what if anything are you willing to sacrifice. Its’ 530 in the morning and my mind is alive and full of creative thoughts and ideas and I have such a feeling of love in my heart and I know it only because of Christ that’s in my heart. Stay Blessed

…Heavy Out…


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