The Importance of Family and True Friendship

I am in the process of changing my life for the better, I’ve published my first book and I am currently in the process of selling my screenplay! I’ve learned so much about myself and people throughout this process. I’ve learned that when God gives you a gift and you use that gift in the way God intended, then nothing can stop that gift from coming to fruition. I’m not being arrogant but i KNOW THAT I KNOW THAT I KNOW that what GOD has for me is for me and if God is with me its’ more that the whole world against me. I mean those words but I’m human and because of that people can sometimes hurt your feelings and for the briefest of moments cause you to doubt yourself, Remember Jesus up on the mountain and devil coming to tempt him, he needed to be undergurged as well as he’s Jesus so what do want from me. lol That’s where your family and friends come in. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family/friends support system It starts with my mother (my rock/inspiration and reason why I’m doing this) and ends with my fiance (my one and only love) between them I have my sister (my all and all my won’t let me quit), brother (my whatever I need from the time I was a kid) and kids (my thinks i can do anything but fail)  who supports me totally but will tell me whatever truth I need! I don’t have many ride or die friends but the ones I do have are there for me! my man Fore who I haven’t seen in years but as soon as I told him what I was trying to do, stepped right up and was  there, saying I would buy the book because its you Dasher. My cousin Mook  who brought multiple books. My cousin in Orlando who did her thing, can’t say her name because if she writes a review Amazon may take it down!!! When your trying to do something like this you find out who has your back and who doesn’t. I’ve been extremely disappointed by some throughout this process, people you honestly thought you could count on went ghost,  but then there were others like the mother of my oldest child, and my daughters friend, Some other former classmates! Members of DYFS who have been there from the beginning when it was only 11 pages and a dream! My man way out in Arizona that came through and my man in Fla,  who said whatever you need I got you. My truck driver classmate doing his thing in the background! The people who names I don’t know thank you for supporting my dream!  I’m saying all this to let you know that it takes a village to succeed in an endeavor such as this. It’s important to let people know you appreciate their support. It takes a couple of minutes out of your life to tell someone thank you, I appreciate you!  those words carry so much weight and makes such a difference in a persons life. So whatever your doing in your life, realize you can’t do alone and be sincerely thankful for the people in your life because those people will be their whether your a successful writer and director or in my case a disabled veteran. If I have offended anyone during this journey I sincerely apologized  I am emotional and passionate about my writing and as I stated earlier I’m human and even though I know my book and Screenplay will be massively successful, my flesh gets hurt sometimes. I wish everyone who reads this posting the absolute best in whatever you do  and if I can help in anyway please let me know even if you haven’t supported me!

…Heavy Out…

Note:  I didn’t say names because if I do and they write a review I am afraid Amazon will take it down, I’ve had so many of my reviews taken down for reasons I still don’t understand, so know I meant no disrespect. Without you there would be no success!

…Heavy Out…Image



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