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Good evening folks hope you all had a happy Monday! As you all know by now I have a very important meeting this coming Thursday, so please forgive me if your tired of me asking you to purchase a book, read the book, and write a review. Well that’s what I’m doing, I have three days left before I attempt to convince various folks that “A Family in Crisis The Story of Nessa has what it takes to be the next great Television Show or Motion Picture! So please if your a family member or consider me a friend please support my dream buy spending $17.96, buying a book, reading the book and writing a review. The countdown is on, I know God’s hands are all over this project, because it was God that started me on this journey. Before God intervened the most I’ve ever written was a term paper in college, the I called out to God and he answered, some say God works in mysterious ways, now I went to God because my heart was heavy because of the way my dad died and I cried and cried trying to forgive myself for not being there and for the way our relationship was and I was tired of hurting so I cried  out to God  and said Lord I stretch my hands to thee, please take this burden off of me and God told me to write and I did, now I understand how I wrote “Unforgiven Sins Heaven or hell, which one will you choose??? How Nessa, Secrets, The Truth and Redemption came to be only God knows, so when I tell you this journey is of God I mean it with all my heart and soul. So that’s my story, your decision will be your decision, but I hope God will touch your heart and you will support my dream. May God bless you all and may Heaven smile on you!!!

…Heavy Out…Image 


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