Happy Easter to those who believe that Christ died for our sins, was crucified and rose on the third day and Happy Sunday to those who don’t. This is my first time posting in a couple of weeks. Had surgery a couple of weeks ago and I’m still recovering but doing better. Listen to those who follow me, you know my posting are either about my writings or something inspirational. Well this posting is about my Screenplay “A Family in Crisis The Story of Nessa”  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was meeting with someone in the industry about the potential purchase of my Screenplay. Well I have the initial offer and were currently negotiating a deal that is fair to us both! This is where you come in, one of the negatives the company I’m dealing with mentioned is there is no consistent buzz about Nessa. The reviews we have, average a five star rating but we don’t have enough reviews and there is no consistent Facebook or Twitter buzz!, Now we all know most people think whatever they do is great and I’m no exception but folks I’m telling you “A Family in Crisis The Story of Nessa is that next great story and for those who are gladiators I’m telling you Nessa will take you on a roller coaster ride that will leave you saying DAUMMMMM! and Nessa is just the first part, one you get  into Secrets, The Truth, and Redemption you will be left breathless, I wish I could tell you some of the stuff that goes on in Secrets, The Truth and Redemption but  besides being a screenplay, it is also a book that people are waiting to read. It’s not often that one of us get an opportunity like this, so again I’m asking for your support, Scandal is over to the next season, so pick up Nessa, read it, and write about, with writing about it being a top priority. Listen, I’m keeping it one hundred with ya’ll I need a negotiating chip and all of you could be the difference please buy the book, read the book and write a review or post your thoughts on Facebook. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, help a brother out!!!

ImageHeavy Out…


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