My sister Anita Dasher has constantly posted of Facebook asking family and friends to support my dream of being an Author and selling my screenplay to join the cast of only a handful of blacks that are the creator and executive producer of their own show. Tyler Perry and Shonda Rhimes are the names that come to mind. As I said in the beginning my sister is literally begging family and friends tosupport “Nessa” and I love and appreciate her efforts, my brother Charles Dasher has purchased books and still have some of them trying to make sure I have sales each month and as much as I appreciate my brother and sister supporting me, it makes me kind of sad that in as much as I’ve asked, implored, damn near begged the ‘Facebook community to support my dream. Now I know who I am and maybe some of you have a problem with me personally for whatever reason and that’s really sad. Nessa is a very good story that deals with the same family issues that each and every one of you have gone through in some capacity. There is not one person out there that has not dealt with some of the issues that Nessa’s family has gone through. We get behind Scandal, The Game, The Housewife series, The Love and Hip Hop series and thats cool I check them out too but for the people who know me personally, went to high school or college with me. Served in the military with me or are related to me. I got to be honest, I really don’t understand how you can’t support me doing something positive that could potentially brings jobs and career opportunities to others. If I offended anyone with my honest heartfelt words then all I can ask is that you beg my pardon, but consider buying, reading and posting a review of my book ” A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa” it is a book worth reading and the Screenplay is something that needs to be on Television. May God bless you and Heaven smile on you.Image


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