Here’s the deal folks whether it’s me or some other African American or Minority doing something positive, that could potentially lead to jobs, we have to start getting behind progress! I personally could have been sold my screenplay, but they wanted to give me a few dollars, which after taxes and lawyers fees ain’t much, and I was not going for the okey doke where the corporate exec feel like you will take whatever they offer you, because your poor and need the money or don’t know the worth of what your selling . I want creative control where I can hire and give an opportunity to someone that’s talented but just needs a break. This thing with Donald Sterling is a great example of what some whites in leadership think our worth is! We star in TV and movies, we star in music, we star in athletics, and we make folks a lot of money, but we don’t own a damn thing! We don’t make no decisions and as long as we’re doing the work, and stay in our place then their happy, but if we dare feel like were their equals or God forbid their superiors then those types of people will do everything in their power to crush us!!! The sad part is we help them keep African Americans and minorities in the worker role, because collectively we refuse to get behind and support each other. We have that crab barrel mentality and the folks in charge continue to divide and conquer! Accepting that type of mindset and selling my labor of love for a couple of thousand dollars and giving all the control to the studio exec, ain’t Anthony Dasher’s mindset and in as much as its my dream to see my writings on television or the big screen and be able to do all types of wonderful things for my mother, my spouse, my kids and other family members and friends, it will stay on my computer before I sell my work for nothing, please wake up people and start getting behind and supporting one another. Together as a unified front, their is nothing that we can’t accomplished!!!Image …Heavy Out…


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