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Okay Folks, I didn’t get as much feedback the first time so I’m going to ask for your help again. Here is another review I would like your opinion on. Please take a moment and give me your thoughts:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Family In Crisis, December 25, 2013
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This review is from: A Family In Crisis The Story of Nessa (Paperback)
Anthony Dasher is without a doubt a masterful story teller…his story of Nessa demonstrated insight, social consciousness, compassion and empathy.
A Family In Crisis is a definite page turner and pot boiler which I was unable to put down! The main characters were well developed and memorable and stirred emotional reactions to their thought provoking behaviors and dialogue. I was kept on the edge of my seat by the plots twists and turns and strained at the bit for answers to questions generated by the unexpected revelation of events and disclosures as the story unfolded and forged ahead. The resounding message: things are not always as they appear.
I greatly appreciated the author’s references to social problems and issues in addition to statistics which helps the reader understand their magnitude and impact on individual and family safety and well being. I was also moved by the spiritual component referred to in the plot as conveyed through the lifestyle of Uncle Jordan and his family life and Lisa’s capacity to survive in the face of overwhelming adversity.
I yearn to read the sequel, “Secrets” and have a multitude of questions: What happened to Nessa at age twelve and who was involved? Was Nessa abused by her Uncle Joe? What will be the outcome of Uncle Jordan’s and Carl’s encounter with Uncle Joe? Who is the father of Nessa’s baby? How much of her secret will Nessa disclose?
I highly recommend “A Family In Crisis” and look forward to the release of “Secrets”.
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