*** Unforgiven Sins Heaven or hell, which one will you choose, (The Play)

Hey folks now that I’m relatively sure what decision I’m going to make regarding my Screen Play, it’s now time to get ready for my next project which is my play. I’m hoping to premiere later on this summer after missing the opportunity to do it sooner. We all have dealt with Unforgiveness at one or more times in our lives. I know I’ve dealt with more times than I care to admit. The play is going to be a monolouge style play, where it’s the actor and the audience. I tried to deal with every aspect of human emotions from siblings, to friendships, from romantic relationships to parent/child relationships. Here’s an excerpt of Unforgiveness from a romantic relationship point of view. After reading the excerpt please, please take a moment to post a comment. Thank you in advance 

…Heavy Out…

Excerpt:  My dealings with Unforgiveness started at the age of fourteen when I got pregnant with my first child. My baby’s father and I had known each other since we were ten years old, so after my second pregnancy, we decided to get married and that’s when all hell broke out loose! You see my husband was a drug dealer and like most drug dealers, he was paranoid about everything especially their woman. This man stood six foot six inches tall, weighs 265lbs, and had a bad temper. He would be beat me just because somebody else did something to piss him off. I mean this man would punch me in the face like I was a man and kick and stomp me like I was a car crash dummy. The sad part was that I took it for years, I sold drugs for this man, I prepared drugs for this man and nothing I did was enough for him. The strange part was I was so in love with him I couldn’t wrap my mind around the abuse I was receiving. I cooked, kept the house clean and always made sure the kids were clean and neat, and yet he still beat me and I would still take it. Now I had brothers, uncles and a father that would have put a bullet in him if I had told them that he was beating on me. My question to all of us women, is why do you think we as women allow men to beat us and we keep that abuse to ourselves. Please know that is not love but foolishness. For years, I thought staying with him meant I loved him and in time, he would realize it and stop beating on me, but it was not until the abuse was directed at my children did I have an epiphany. It was like Jesus Christ himself appeared before me and in the most soothing voice said leave and leave now. Three o clock in the morning while he was gone on a drug binge I packed my children in the car and with nothing but the clothes on our backs we left! Now I know your probably wondering why I left with my kids that time of the night and all I can say to that is when Christ tells you to leave some place and leave now, it would be in your best interest to be obedient. He called me the next morning; after he found out, I had left. He said in a voice that I sometimes hear to this day, he said the only reason he came home was to kill me and my children (emotional and crying) All I could say was why, why? Why would you want to kill your wife and kids, then I hung up the phone and told myself I would never talk to him again. “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord”, but I still felt like I had to do something on my own. So I pretended that I wanted us to get back together and invited him to my house. I cooked him a fabulous meal; I told him that I sent the kids to a friend’s house because I needed him all to myself. I made love to him like never before and after we were finished dude went straight to sleep. After he was sound asleep, I slipped in the bed beside him and purposely did something to wake him!!! He told me to get out the bed and I did for a minute then I walked nervously to the bed and just when I got within arm’s reach of him!!!! To be continued???Image


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