***”Unforgiven Sins The Play***

Hey ya’ll here’s another excerpt from my soon to be released production, “Unforgiven Sins The Play”. I previously gave you Unforgiveness from a female romantic point of view, now take a look at Unforgiveness from a sibling point of view, now this is the first sisters thoughts on why she can’t forgive her sister. Let me know if you think she is right or wrong for not forgiving her sister!

,,,Heavy Out,,

Hello, my name is Cynthia and I am the older sister of Yolanda. It was seven of us growing up, Yolanda was the baby, and I was the next to the oldest. All of our other siblings are decease so it’s just she and I left. Yolanda was something as a teenager she had her first child at fifteen and continued to have three more. She then got hooked on drugs and practically drove my mother to her grave. My mother had to raise her kids deal with drug dealers in and out of her house not to mention all types of different men. I tried everything I could to help her through her drug addiction but she wouldn’t listen to what anybody had to say. She was in and out of drug clinics never giving a damn about her kids or my mother. My mother felt it was a matter of time before either she ended up dead, by drug overdose or someone would murder her. My mother decided to get an insurance policy on her so she could have a decent burial and not end up cremated or something worse. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, my mother ended up dead and she’s alive. After sometime had past and because the insurance company could not find her because she was still running the streets, or so I thought, anyway they got in contact with me. They explain that since the policy was in my sister’s name she became the beneficiary. there was a check at my house in her name for five thousand dollars. for her not to even offer me a dime was wrong dead wrong, because if not for me she wouldn’t even have the money. So I told her she was dead to me and could take the money and stick up her you ass and we have not spoken since. Now am I wrong for feeling betrayed? I mean wouldn’t you have at least offered a dollar to your sisterImage


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