***Unforgiven Sins the Play***

Check out Lana speaking about unforgiveness from a female romantic point of view, with a splash of child/parent unforgiveness!

Check out Lana speaking unforgivenes from a romantic point of view, I know someone can relate!!!

Hello everyone my name is Lana The first time I had sex I got pregnant I was seventeen years old and a senior in high school. I had my life planned down to the letter, I would go to the University of North Carolina, get my bachelors and then on to Duke medical school to become a doctor, but instead I graduated from high school in June and in August my child came into this world. I realized as I listened back stage to John and Maria that I have a lot of unforgiveness in my heart as well. told my father I was pregnant, he didn’t say a word for hours he just got up from his chair and went to his bedroom and my stepmother came downstairs hushing everybody telling us not to make any noise because my dad was in thought. An hour or so later he came downstairs and in a matter of fact, tone of voice told me I needed to leave and go and stay with the father of my child. I’m crying in tears not really knowing what to do, my relationship with my boyfriend turned bitter cold once he found out I was pregnant and keeping the baby. you know how women are, especially as it pertains to the father of their babies. We so want to be desired by them but in time that desire turns into detest in the worst kind of way. I was fortunate enough to start college I was walking across the lobby of the dorm, when a young man I had never seen before gave me that look. You know the look that men give you when their interested but their trying to be cool in front of their boys. he showed up right as the elevator door was about to close. I eyes met and the rest is for another time. You know the saying from Matthew 26:41 “The spirit is willing but the flesh is oh so weak,” and let’s not forget Romans 7:21 “I would do good but evil is always present”. I personally prefer Genesis 2:18 where God said “it is not good that man should be alone; I will make a help meet for him,” well at least I got one part of the scripture right since he wasn’t alone. we were so in love or so I thought. This dude was smooth ladies, six foot four 240lbs of muscles woo!!! he was the perfect partner as long as he was in your face but I don’t think to this day he even realizes I know what he was doing while he was in VA and I was in Pennsylvania. Evidently, Mr. Nameless had two girlfriends as I flew out the other one would fly in. Now don’t get me wrong the thought makes me sick to my stomach, but when I was there he made me feel like I was the only woman in his life and as weird as it may seem I appreciate that. We ultimately got married or maybe I should say I got married. God I loved this guy so much, we didn’t have a church wedding with our families around but I had my fairy tale because I had the man of my dreams and I honestly thought we would be together until one of us died. Unfortunately things went wrong!

(Should Lana forgive this man or continue to have unforgiveness in her heart)

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