***Unforgiven Sins Heaven or hell which one will you choose, The Play***

He everybody I’m going to post one more excerpt from my play “Unforgiven Sins Heaven or hell, which one will you choose, The Play and this one deals with a really sensitive subject so please if you have a comment please keep it respectful because this is based on actual events!!! Thank You  Jennifer will be speaking to you about Unforgiveness from a parents point of view, meaning she is struggling to forgive herself: If this doesnt cause you to think about forgiveness I don’t know what will!!!

Hello, everybody first let me thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my story with you. It’s a story of heartache, pain, sorrow and utter disbelief, but God is still able and on the throne. Where do I start, I married my second husband in 1989 and I was as happy as any women could be. He was different from my first husband, which for me was a relief, because my first husband was a hunk in the true sense of the word! The man was flat out fine, and he just about drove me crazy, with all the women that were after him. my second husband and I don’t mean to be crass but this man had a way of getting reactions out of me that no man to this day has been able to do. We had a son together and thought my family was complete, but once again, it wasn’t to be. We divorce when our son was five, but this brother would not take no for an answer! He begged and begged and begged some more. After some time had passed, I relented and we remarried! So now I’m thinking this has to be it! This man loves me so much, he couldn’t imagine a life without me, or was it someone else he couldn’t live without! We all have heard the saying, what happens in the dark comes out in the light! Well, it was finally time for the light to come on in my life. It was around two in the morning and the phone rung, my daughter had been in a horrific car accident! She was unconscious and in the hospital. After sitting with my daughter non-stop for three days, the police ask me to come to the police tow so I could get my daughters personal items out of the car. When I got to where the car was, I got sick to my stomach! The car was mangled and I knew it was nothing but God that allowed my child to survive. That bastard of an ex-husband who I thought could not live his life without me instead couldn’t live without my daughter! (teary eyed) My daughter’s journal gave blow-by-blow accounts of the pain she suffered at his hands as he molested her over and over again. I, I, I, started to shake, and my head felt like it was in a maze. I swear to you I didn’t have a clue and I felt like killing myself, but after I killed that SOB. A mother’s job is to protect their children, and I had brought a man who wasn’t her father around her thinking, hoping, praying that he would be the father figure she never really had! Instead, I had served her up to the devil in carnage. The pain and guilt you feel is indescribable! I know some of you are like what the what. How could she not know what was going on right under her nose, and I’m sure there are others that are saying or thinking something worst! Like she knew, but she was so caught up in that feeling he was giving her, that she looked at the daughter as competition and was trying to outdo her! Yeah, I’ve heard it all, and I’ve made my peace with God. The Lord knows I didn’t have a clue and that’s really all that matters. For those who want to judge me, be my guest! I’m telling my story in the hope of saving some other family, from having to endure the hell my family is still going through!!! 
Note: This is part I of Jennifers story and this is only the beginning, her story gets much more emotional and her family is tested is ways you would’nt wish on your enemy!!! Please share your thoughts and let me know if your interested in part II, if your in the Atlantta area imagine hearing her story live, stay tuned!!!
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