***I just want to make a difference***


I’m expecting another offer on my screenplay today and as you can see by the time of this posting, I am wide awake! I have so many thoughts and mixed feelings going through my mind right now. Of course I’m wondering if the offer is going to be a fair and substantial one. Then you wonder if your script is going to be green-lighted or put on the shelf. It’s a weird feeling because the way I feel right now is the dollar amount really doesn’t matter if it’s just going to be purchased and never sees a television or movie screen. I’m sure I’m no different from any other writer when it comes to their writing, but I truly believe that “Nessa” could be the next great television series. On the level of Greys Anatomy and Scandal if the television studio puts their advertising muscle behind the script. I want to give some young African American teenager her big break, I mean I want an unknown to play the role of “Nessa”, the one Gabriele Sidibe burst on the scene and played the heck out of “Precious”! I want to be in a position as creator and executive producer to make jobs available for people that have been desperately trying to break into the business, not only as a actor but also sound, editing, wardrobe, engineering, just to name a few. The bible says God blesses us so we can be a blessing to others and if God was to search my heart right now he would be pleased, because I’m not blowing smoke or trying to manipulate people to support my dream. I truly want to make a difference in peoples lives, of course it starts with my mother who has done nothing except put her life on hold to support my dreams and the dreams of my other siblings, as well as her grandchildren, great grandchildren, friends and even strangers. Thats the type of women she has been all my life, always willing to go the extra mile for anybody in need and if God sees fit for this to happen, which i truly believe he does, I want to spoil my mother, I know ya’ll can relate, my moms is in her mid seventies and the rest of her life should be spent doing whatever she wants to do, whenever she wants to do, without worrying about money. This is getting really real for me. I’ve been toiling with this for eight long years, so many times I wanted to give up but my sister would not let me. I’ve dealt with health issues, divorce, health issues again as well as life, but through it all with the help of my Lord and Savior, my mother, my sister, my brother, my kids and my San, as well as some very special people along the way! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, regardless of the ultimate outcome  I truly appreciate your support of my dreams. I also have to thank the number of people who purchased my book, your taking a chance  on a unknown helped me to get to this point where I’m actually getting offers for my sceenplay. So to you here’s a toast of gratitude from the bottom of this Authors heart!!!

…Stay Blessed…

…Heavy Out…



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