Hey folks it’s 3.30 in the am and I’m still on my grind, got my third offer to consider and this particular company has some stipulations and concerns with me being a newcomer to this business. One of their concerns as to whether it will have a following as a African American family so instead they want to make the story about a White family. So I need your help, this is opportunity of a lifetime for me and I know everyone not name Anita. Andre and San has their own life’s and their time is precious but asking you to please take a moment and let me know whether you would support “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa” as a television series. We have a opportunity to depict the African American family in a way that has not been done on television before. Let us stand up and let our voices be heard. I will be sending these comments to the folks I’m in talks with, if you don’t want your name used I will honor that, but please help me, this is truly my passion and as I’ve stated times and times before, to give my mother the gift of seeing her baby boy go from 11 pages to a four part series in production would truly be one of the greatest gifts she’s ever received. I thank you in advance!!!
…Heavy Out…


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