***Project News changes to Nessa***

Good early morning, grind, grind, grind, I wanted to let everyone know that I’ve made some changes to “Nessa” and for those who buy the book now you will be the benefactor of those changes. For example The book has a different cover and there will be more discussion regarding Mac and his unfortunate situation. I decided to write more flashbacks into the story  and the story line involving Cash and Omar takes an interesting twist that makes Oma’s visit to Nessa later in the book clearer and may answer a question most that read the book have and the end when Nessa tells her mom “I know why your here”. It also sets the table for incidents that will occur in “Secrets”. In addition you will get a clearer understanding of the relationship between Lisa and Mac as well as Mac and Uncle Jordan but it will deepens the intrigue regarding Nessa’s and Mac’s relationship and why Nessa is rebelling and feeling unprotected. You also get a different perspective regarding Rachel and Uncle Jordan’s relationship and whether he will be able to be the rock for Lisa and her family that he was when the book was initially published! Image

…Heavy Out…


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