*** “Nessa’s” Supporting Cast***

Nessa has a older sister by the name of Anna who by all accounts is the child any parent would want to have as their daughter. She is and has always been a straight A student. She has never been interested in running the streets, she has never gotten in any trouble and by all accounts she is the perfect young lady. Anna is currently enrolled at U.C.L.A. and plans on being a doctor. She is the girlfriend of basketball superstar Andre Davis who is scheduled to be the number one pick in the fictitious NBA draft, and she and Andre plan on getting married after the draft. She and Andre have play dated since she was ten and dated-dated since she was fifteen years old, they both are alleged virgins who claim they are waiting for marriage to have sex. So on the surface Ms Anna appears to have her life planned out perfectly, but Anna has a SECRET and its the type of SECRET that could not only devastate Anna but her family too!!! How is her family affected? Well I’m glad you asked. You see Anna has been groomed to be who she is by her mother Lisa and was her mothers ace in the hole in the event that things went south for her family, which is what happens, makes you wonder how Anna’s mother Lisa could anticipate the turn of events actually happening, hmmmm!!! Now Anna’s SECRET could destroy her mothers prophecy or ace in the hole depending on what side your on. Get your copy of “A family in Crisis, the Story of Nessa” today and follow Anna’s journey, see if you can figure out her SECRET and what impact said SECRET will have on her and her family!!!

…Heavy Out…Image …………………………………………………….


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