***Do you have a 16 year old Nessa in your Family or Circle???

Hey ya’ll it’s 315am and I’m on my grind, as you can see by the title above, The question is do you have a Nessa in your family or circle? I’m talking about Nessa a sixteen year old that physically could easily pass for twenty until she opens her mouth. A sixteen year old that is very intelligent, does well in school when she wants too! Nessa is the classic C student that could easily be an A student but seems to have an issue with authority.  You that sixteen year old that is constantly bumping heads with her mother but listens to her father. The sixteen year old that loves her family but seems to closer to her friends and usually has that one chick that she hangs out with all the time. I’m talking about Nessa, that 16 year old with a lot of sass, a lot of attitude and she can be disrespectful one minute to the point you want to smack the taste out of her mouth, but the next minute she can be so sweet and kind that makes you want to give her a hug.  The Nessa that can be very quiet and secretive when it comes to her family, but no matter what she does that absolutely makes no sense to you, Nessa still makes you love her to the point that you would go through hell and high water for her. Now I could go on and on but you get the point. Tell me do you have a Nessa in your family or circle and if so share one thing about your Nessa that is similar to mine, and also let me know if they have aspirations to be an actress!!!

…Heavy Out…Image



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