Scene from “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa”

Hey ya’ll there is a scene in my book/screenplay that I would like your advice about, You have a sixteen year old that gets in the car with a twenty eight year old married male! Not realizing that her mother who was chasing her down the street has fallen, and is stricken with a heart attack! She is currently fighting for her life! Nessa continues doing her thing, mad at the world, thinking everyone is against her. Nessa and the married man gets themselves in a situation which leaves them in dire straits or worse. If your the wife, how would you feel about finding out that your husband is found with a sixteen year old girl. Would you automatically assume something inappropriate is going on between them, Would you give him the benefit of the doubt, or would you focus on the dire straits or worse situation. Thinking about changing that scene and I’m curious as to what your reaction would be if you found yourself in that situation!. I like my writing to be as realistic as possible. and your comments would reImageally help to decide what direction I should go!!!


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