Got to shut my body down so I can be mentally, emotionally and spiritually read for my next movie studio. So as I wander off to slumber I ask to you continue to keep, me, my mother and my Nessa in your prayers that no matter what I keep my eyes stead on what’s God will for my life, beyond money and commercial appeal. I’ve never written anything more than a paper for college so I know this is a gift from God and must treated as such! Also to those who have not commented pls do it’s not too late, ur comments got me two of the four meeting I’ve had please keep Nessa alive until she is in production. Thank u all and please a blessed night!!!
…Heavy Out…



Hey good early morning everybody passsed out after my meeting and dinner, had nothing left mentallly and emotionally! The meeting went so well that prayerfully upon completion of all due dilligence that is needed or required that an offer will be made!!! (hell yeah). So now we have to get ready for Friday, another movie studio has thrown their hat in the ring for NESSA!!! Due to your overwhelming support I was trending!!! Who would thunk it, a kid from Newark who was known for playing basketball has written a four part series of scripts that if it be God’s will may have a shot at television or the big screen!!! Ain’t God awesome, when the lord gives u a gift and your obedient in using it how God desires it to be used,nothing and I mean nothing will stop u from acheiving God’s goal for you!!! DO YOU BELIEVE IT, DO YOU RECEIVE IT
AMEN!! So please those who have not sent in their comments please do so. We blew 200 comments off the hinges and were going to keep this thing going until NESSA is on TV or at local theatre. (hell yeah)…#weredoingthedamnthing #cantstopwontstop!!!
This is a marathon not a race so I know their may be peaks and valleys regarding your comments so pls be patient and understanding with me as I keep the NESSA NATION MOVEMENT in your mindset!!! Lets have a million dollar day!!!
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For those of you they might be conflicted about commenting because you don’t know anything about Nessa to say whether you want to see it on television or in the movies picture this: You have a 16 year old girl walking the streets of MLK ave in Atlanta Ga at night and she walks past a truck containing four teenage males (u insert the race because they can be any race and the outcome would be the same) They try to holla at her she rebuffs or in their venacular she diss them. They chased her, she ran and jumped into a cab, the cab, with its Korean driver takes off, he’s yelling at Nessa in broken english. The cab and the truck is flying down the streets of Atlanta in excess of 80mph. They run into traffic which allows the cab to get a little in front of the truck. The truck starts shooting at the cab finally hitting the cabs tires which causes it to jump the curb and crash into a pole. The cab driver is knocked out unconscious and Nessa jumps out trying to find a place to hide. She ends up hiding underneath a car. She is scared out of her mind, and when she sees the truck catch up to where the cab crashes she starts to hyperventilate. Nessa is praying to God, asking his forgiveness for some of her behaviors, especially towards her moms who she has alot of hostility towards. The guys from the truck jump out and are looking for Nessa, they look in the doorways of all the buildings surrounding the cab, they looked in the windows of cars and even look under some cars but they never look under the car Nessa is hiding. So after a short period of time, they get bored and decided to take off and get into whatever. So Nessa thinks God has heard her cries and got her out of this mess. The guys are back in their truck getting ready to drive off when Nessa’s cell phone rings and all of a sudden the guys are back out of their truck trying to pinpoint where that cell phone sound came from.. Their again walking up and down the street and then out of no where Nessa is being dragged from underneath the car and tossed into the truck with four guys that have made clear they want to violate Nessa!!! What happens next you will have to buy the book to find out. Now if this is not enough for you to decided whether u would like to know more or would like to see this on tv or the movies then okay I gave it my best shot.


***Need That Final Push From You***

Hey everybody, let me first thank you all from the bottem of my heart for the Nessa comments and likes, when I read your comments and see your likes it makes me just that much more motivated. I’m determined to see Nessa all the way to somebodies television network or movie studio. I will deal with a hundred no’s for that one yes and my children and siblings can attest to that no’s dont phase me. That being said between the Nessa page and my personal page we got 64 comments and likes so were more than half way to 100, please please help me get to !00, any friend that you know who might be willing ask them to post a Nessa comment, no pressuring of anybody but often times “we have not because we ask not” King James bible not my words!!! Still working on converting Nessa from a television script to a motion picture script, have a meeting with a movie studio exec tomorrow so if I don’t respond or post anything more today know that for those who got behind me Anthony D. Dasher Sr. loves and appreciate every single one of you and if I could ever help u with something know that I will.

ps: I love and appreciate the likes, but please if you can post a Nessa comment, words have a much more dramatic effect and I want to blow these industry folks out of their support with the support for Nessa!!!#cantstopwontstop

pss: The lady on the picture above and below is my mother and first and foremost this is for her aka The Troop#! this doesn’t minimize my children, my San, my brother, other members of my family and my precious sister Troop#2 but this lady my mother is the very beat in my heart and I cant imagine spending a day and not being able to talk with her laugh and debate with her, as her heart beats so does mine10431_1217111582663_1075065091_679144_3906323_n

***I Want To See Nessa As A Television Show Or As A Motion Picture***

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who took the time to comment “I would like to see Nessa on television or as a motion picture” so far on Facebook I have 9 comments and 10 likes, please help me to reach my goal of 100 by Friday when I have my next meeting on selling the “Nessa” screenplay. With your help I can show that “Nessa” does in fact have a following!!!Image To my fellow Bloggers and Twitter family I could really use your help…Thank You in advance for your support…



Good early Monday morning, I’m reaching out to my Facebook friends and WordPress bloggers because I need your help. These industry folks are low-balling me in regards to my screenplay titled NESSA. I mean some of the offers are disappointing to say the least. One of the reasons for the low-balling is because i have no name recognition, which I understand, primarily because its true. Their second reasons for low-balling me is because they said Nessa does not have any type of following and their afraid it might not attract viewers, which me the Studio can’t attract advertisers., which is how they make money! Please help me to show them that Nessa has an audience by taking a moment to comment “I would love to see Nessa as a television show or on the big screen” This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and my family. Please take a moment and help me take a big step forward in realizing my dream. If you give Nessa a chance you will not be disappointed. lets show these industry folks that the Dasher, Anthony, Bradwell, Holt, Burns, Pannell and, McCloud family as well as my friends, facebook and personal, we also got Newark, NJ, Vailsburg High School, William Patterson University and the United States Army and my DYFS family that we all are representing and we get behind one another STRONG!!!  pook

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