Good early Monday morning, I’m reaching out to my Facebook friends and WordPress bloggers because I need your help. These industry folks are low-balling me in regards to my screenplay titled NESSA. I mean some of the offers are disappointing to say the least. One of the reasons for the low-balling is because i have no name recognition, which I understand, primarily because its true. Their second reasons for low-balling me is because they said Nessa does not have any type of following and their afraid it might not attract viewers, which me the Studio can’t attract advertisers., which is how they make money! Please help me to show them that Nessa has an audience by taking a moment to comment “I would love to see Nessa as a television show or on the big screen” This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and my family. Please take a moment and help me take a big step forward in realizing my dream. If you give Nessa a chance you will not be disappointed. lets show these industry folks that the Dasher, Anthony, Bradwell, Holt, Burns, Pannell and, McCloud family as well as my friends, facebook and personal, we also got Newark, NJ, Vailsburg High School, William Patterson University and the United States Army and my DYFS family that we all are representing and we get behind one another STRONG!!!  pook

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