***Need That Final Push From You***

Hey everybody, let me first thank you all from the bottem of my heart for the Nessa comments and likes, when I read your comments and see your likes it makes me just that much more motivated. I’m determined to see Nessa all the way to somebodies television network or movie studio. I will deal with a hundred no’s for that one yes and my children and siblings can attest to that no’s dont phase me. That being said between the Nessa page and my personal page we got 64 comments and likes so were more than half way to 100, please please help me get to !00, any friend that you know who might be willing ask them to post a Nessa comment, no pressuring of anybody but often times “we have not because we ask not” King James bible not my words!!! Still working on converting Nessa from a television script to a motion picture script, have a meeting with a movie studio exec tomorrow so if I don’t respond or post anything more today know that for those who got behind me Anthony D. Dasher Sr. loves and appreciate every single one of you and if I could ever help u with something know that I will.

ps: I love and appreciate the likes, but please if you can post a Nessa comment, words have a much more dramatic effect and I want to blow these industry folks out of their support with the support for Nessa!!!#cantstopwontstop

pss: The lady on the picture above and below is my mother and first and foremost this is for her aka The Troop#! this doesn’t minimize my children, my San, my brother, other members of my family and my precious sister Troop#2 but this lady my mother is the very beat in my heart and I cant imagine spending a day and not being able to talk with her laugh and debate with her, as her heart beats so does mine10431_1217111582663_1075065091_679144_3906323_n


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