For those of you they might be conflicted about commenting because you don’t know anything about Nessa to say whether you want to see it on television or in the movies picture this: You have a 16 year old girl walking the streets of MLK ave in Atlanta Ga at night and she walks past a truck containing four teenage males (u insert the race because they can be any race and the outcome would be the same) They try to holla at her she rebuffs or in their venacular she diss them. They chased her, she ran and jumped into a cab, the cab, with its Korean driver takes off, he’s yelling at Nessa in broken english. The cab and the truck is flying down the streets of Atlanta in excess of 80mph. They run into traffic which allows the cab to get a little in front of the truck. The truck starts shooting at the cab finally hitting the cabs tires which causes it to jump the curb and crash into a pole. The cab driver is knocked out unconscious and Nessa jumps out trying to find a place to hide. She ends up hiding underneath a car. She is scared out of her mind, and when she sees the truck catch up to where the cab crashes she starts to hyperventilate. Nessa is praying to God, asking his forgiveness for some of her behaviors, especially towards her moms who she has alot of hostility towards. The guys from the truck jump out and are looking for Nessa, they look in the doorways of all the buildings surrounding the cab, they looked in the windows of cars and even look under some cars but they never look under the car Nessa is hiding. So after a short period of time, they get bored and decided to take off and get into whatever. So Nessa thinks God has heard her cries and got her out of this mess. The guys are back in their truck getting ready to drive off when Nessa’s cell phone rings and all of a sudden the guys are back out of their truck trying to pinpoint where that cell phone sound came from.. Their again walking up and down the street and then out of no where Nessa is being dragged from underneath the car and tossed into the truck with four guys that have made clear they want to violate Nessa!!! What happens next you will have to buy the book to find out. Now if this is not enough for you to decided whether u would like to know more or would like to see this on tv or the movies then okay I gave it my best shot.



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