Hey good early morning everybody passsed out after my meeting and dinner, had nothing left mentallly and emotionally! The meeting went so well that prayerfully upon completion of all due dilligence that is needed or required that an offer will be made!!! (hell yeah). So now we have to get ready for Friday, another movie studio has thrown their hat in the ring for NESSA!!! Due to your overwhelming support I was trending!!! Who would thunk it, a kid from Newark who was known for playing basketball has written a four part series of scripts that if it be God’s will may have a shot at television or the big screen!!! Ain’t God awesome, when the lord gives u a gift and your obedient in using it how God desires it to be used,nothing and I mean nothing will stop u from acheiving God’s goal for you!!! DO YOU BELIEVE IT, DO YOU RECEIVE IT
AMEN!! So please those who have not sent in their comments please do so. We blew 200 comments off the hinges and were going to keep this thing going until NESSA is on TV or at local theatre. (hell yeah)…#weredoingthedamnthing #cantstopwontstop!!!
This is a marathon not a race so I know their may be peaks and valleys regarding your comments so pls be patient and understanding with me as I keep the NESSA NATION MOVEMENT in your mindset!!! Lets have a million dollar day!!!
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