Hey ya’ll some of the questions people had after reading “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa,was 1: (Whose the father of Nessa’s baby!) Well the answer to that questions is going to leave you in shock. 2: (What happens between Anna and Andre?) the answer is a story for the ages.3. (Does Lisa tell her kids they have a sibling?) The correct answer is no but that’s not where the story ends. 4:(Did Uncle Joe molest Nessa?)Well after reading Secrets your going to think he did but then your going to think he didn’t. The final answer might end up being a little yes a little no. 5: (Is there something going on between Lisa and Uncle Jordan?) the answer is Rachel thinks so and you have to wonder if there marriage will survive! 6:(Is Andre going to get sick from HIV virus?)Someone is going to Die!!! 7: (Did Carl shoot Uncle Joe) Shots are definitely fired at his head. Also you have four new character to add to the drama. One will bring you to tears. One will make your real angry. One will disappoint you and make you angry. and one you will feel sorry for. Get ready folks Secrets will leave you with wiping tears from your eyes, your mouth will hang open and you will wonder what the hell could possibly be next and part 3 is “The Truth and its better than “Nessa” and “Secrets” If I missed any of your questions pls let me know!!!



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