Excerpt from my soon to be released 2nd Novel, A Family in Crisis “SECRETS”

Good happy Saturday morning here’s a little snippet of my soon to be released 2nd novel, A Family in Crisis, “SECRETS!!!” …Happy Reading… let me set the scene for you. Carl and Uncle Jordan are on the way to deal with Uncle Joe who they believed has molested Nessa! Rachel Uncle Jordan’s wife decides to call Lisa Nessa’s mother who decided involved Uncle Jordan! (Enjoy)……. Rachel, please tell me everything is okay. I can’t tell you everything is okay Lisa, because I don’t really know what the hell is going on! Would you care to enlighten me (sarcastically)? Sure Rachel, I can do that (equally as sarcastic) I found out that my brother may have been inappropriate with Nessa and Carl was on the way to his house to confront him, so I asked Jordan if he could stop him.
Dammit Lisa do you give a damn about anyone but yourself! You actually think Jordan went to stop him. Come on Lisa, you know him better than that, Jordan did not go to stop him, he went shoot Joe himself! Lisa has this flabbergast look on her face, “He’s going to do what?” No Rachel that’s not possible, I would never. You’ve got to believe me, I didn’t call Jordan for him to do something to Joe, I called Jordan to be the voice of reason in an emotional situation, which is what he’s good at. You know that yourself.
If Lisa could see Rachel, she would have seen a face that said your full of shit Lisa, instead Rachel says regardless of all that you just said Lisa, my husband is probably going to jail, because you called him knowing how he feels about those kids. You should have known there was a possibility that Jordan would respond that way, when it has something to do with harming a child! Why would you do this to him Lisa? You know he is not going to say no to anything you ask him to do, especially as it pertains to the kids. So now, Jordan has a gun and is on the way to Joe’s house. I’m sorry you lost your husband I really am. I loved Mac too, but I don’t want to lose my husband Lisa, especially to a situation the police should be handling in the first place. What were you thinking about Lisa! What am I supposed to tell my kids, if their father goes to jail or worse he is shot and killed? Tell me Lisa what am I supposed to say to them! I have tried to be as patient and understanding as any woman in my situation could possibly be, but now I’m over it! I want you to hear me clearly, stop calling my husband for every situation you and your kids get into. (sarcastic tone) If you love him like you say you do, supposedly as a brother, allow him to participate in his own family lives, we need him too Lisa! (Voice starts to trail off) We need him too, (crying) I can’t lose my husband over your bullshit Lisa, I just can’t! Lisa: stunned and hurt by Rachel’s words responds with, I’m sorry Rachel, one, I didn’t know you felt this way and two, I never meant to cause you or your family any heartache. I guess I didn’t realize how much I started to depend on Jordan, but you have to know I would never intentionally put Jordan in harm’s way. I love Jordan, I’ve known him since I was four years old, which by the way is longer than you, but I’ll tell you what Rachel, I won’t bother your precious little husband anymore and that’s a promise. You might want to make him aware of your request, because it ain’t just me calling him, if you know what I mean! Rachel on the other end of the phone is offended by Lisa’s defensive and disrespectful tone, comes back with thank you very much Lisa, goodbye and call disconnects. Lisa unaware that Rachel has ended the call replies in a sarcastic tone, your very welcomed Mrs. Jordan and slams the phone down on Nessa’s bed. Nessa grabs the phone and says Jesus mom, what have you done now!



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