Just my thoughts!!!

Have u ever watch something and I said I can do that or what I have is just as good or better if only……..fill in the blank. Well I’m watching this show on television and I’m like Nessa is just as good. I so want my screenplay to be a tv show but it seems like it’s. going to be a movie. Pls don’t get me wrong I’ll be grateful for either, (So So Close) anyway Nessa has so many ups and downs, twist and turns the type of show where ur u can’t figure what the heck is going on and u can’t help but align urself with the characters. You find urself yelling, crying, throwing things experiencing such a range of emotions that ur like hold on this is a TV show that’s how close to real life A Family in Crisis, Nessa, Secrets, The Truth and Redemption is to your personal life. Please consider giving my 2nd Novel “Secrets” a chance. The more buzz we create the better chance a TV network will notice and scoop Nessa up before a movie company makes me an offer I just can’t refuse.
Happy Sunday…Heavy Out



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