Another Excerpt from my soon to be released blockbuster….”SECRETS”

To the fans of “A family in Crisis the story of Nessa” and patiently awaiting the release of “SECRETS” here’s another little tidbit of whats to come! (ENJOY)… Now I’ve taken the names out, so to heighten the curiosity of some and not spoil it for others…Happy Reading… Let me set the scene for you: Nah!!! Just read it and tell me what you think!…….

She, in an even weaker state, talks directly to the paramedics ‘“No don’t move me, just let me be. I have a health directive in my pocketbook that says I don’t want life saving measures performed on me.” The paramedic reluctantly turns to her, he hated to say what by law he had to say. “I’m sorry sir/m’am she has the right to refuse treatment and she says she has a health directive. Our hands are tied.” She beckons him to come closer; “baby there’s some things I need you to know. I love you, you know that right?” He/she who is in tears answers, “ Yes mommy I know that but …” She continues, “ Then you know if I had just a little bit of my health there is nothing in the world I would not do to stay here with you, I’m tired baby your mommy been sick a long time and I don’t have no fight left. It took all my fight to stay here long enough for us to find each other. It time to say goodbye but first I want you to promise me something. He’s/she’s crying, “Anything mommy, anything.” She starts coughing once she stops she says “ I want you to try and find your father!” Between tears and no longer crying his response is “My father why would I want to find him! I tracked you down mommy because I knew you were sick, and was not able to look for me, is he sick too mommy?” “ No baby he’s not but you have to understand our parents made us give you up, they thought me and you would be an embarrassment to the family because of both families status in the community. So his family took him overseas and my family moved a couple of times. So he did not know who you were, what you look like or anything, please give him a chance there’s more to the story baby than you know, so promise me please (cough cough cough) promise me you’ll try to find him.” “I will mommy I will. Mommy please we could have been to the hospital by now, please let me take you to the hospital.” She is speaking barely above a whisper “No baby is the time very near, let me say bye to her/him, come here baby!” She takes a couple of deep breaths her breathing is getting more and more shallow, suddenly two figures appear, they catch her eyes and gestures to her, to see if they could come towards her!!!



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