***A Family in Crisis “SECRETS Coming Nov 7th 2015***

Good Evening all my 2nd book A Family in Crisis “SECRETS” will be available for your reading pleasure… That being said picture this… Lisa is in the hospital and suddenly a visitor appears in her doorway. They say do u remember me? Lisa is stunned to see this person and begins to look visibly annoyed and afraid, annoyed because of what this person represented, a very dark period in her life and afraid because this person can reveal the SECRET she has kept for the last 18 years and cause her to answer questions she was not prepared to answer. Lisa says yes I know who you are and the she says something that pisses her visitor off and causes the visitor to cease with the chitchat. The visitor in a very serious tone tells Lisa that if she did not tell her children they had another sibling they were going to blow her world up!!! If you were Lisa what would you do next???



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