***Excerpt from “SECRETS” to be released Nov 7th 2015

Why do you hate mom so much Nessa? I’ll tell you why Carl, because every man that has ever cared about me, she ran them away. She made dad leave when she could have forgiven him, he made a mistake that’s all it’s not like she’s never made a mistake before. God knows I know one mistake in particular!

The whole time Nessa is talking Lisa is waiting patiently to say her piece. She thought it might be helpful for Nessa to get everything off her chest. Then she would finally tell her children the truth about their father. She never wanted to tarnish their father’s reputation in their eyes especially now that he was dead. Now she’s had no choice because she still had Wayne and Fats to get through high school, so if Nessa no longer wanted to be bothered then so be it, but she was not willing to sacrifice her other children behind Nessa’s scornful attitude.

Nessa is still saying her piece; “She could have let him come back home, then she ran Uncle Jordan away because she made Aunt Rachel mad, when she sent Uncle Jordan over to Uncle Joe’s house instead of calling the police and now ……. I told ya’ll that I liked him that I wanted ya’ll to meet him and the whole time she said nothing. She could have let us know he was our brother, what about that Carl, why couldn’t she tell us he was our brother, all those years, he was right here in the same City with us. Suppose we had been romantically involved imagine how that would have felt. With all the other issues, I got going on; imagine dealing with the fact that I kissed my brother. Well it’s time for me to have some payback mother. You hurt me and now I’m going to let you feel a little pain, and I say a little because if I told what I’ve known since I was twelve years old ya’ll be …. You know what it don’t even matter. Everybody has been so curious about who the father of my baby is, well I’ll tell you. (Walks towards her mother and when she gets directly in front of her mother) The father of my baby is Mr.……

When the words Mr. comes out of Ness’s mouth everybody’s mouth drops to the floor and Lisa’s eyes begin to squint and spew fire. Lisa begins to brace herself for what she already knew Nessa was going to say.  “Mr. Williams is the father of my baby, what you think about that mother, you’ve finally had no say so in who cares abo………… Smaaack!!!!! Lisa smacks Nessa in her face so hard that she fell over the chair and on to the floor, where she knew better than to get up. The other kids did not move a muscle or say a word! Lisa is beyond pissed, “You little slut, why in the world would you sleep with a forty something year old man? My God Nessa what kind of person are you?



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