Hey everybody I’m extremely excited about the upcoming release of my 2nd book, A Family in Crisis, “SECRETS” it’s going to leave a lasting impression on everyone who graciously decides to purchase a copy. This is not I repeat this not the type of book where you’ve got it figured out within the first 30 pages, won’t happen, this is Oh my God, I can’t put it down, You have got to be kidding me type of book! Now Nessa didn’t do as well as i would have liked it to, but I have to own that! It was because of me or my lack of effort in the marketing/promoting department. I’m really shy and extremely apprehensive in approaching or telling people about my books. I have spurts but no sustainability! I Will do better with “SECRETS” I have to. I say this with total humility but my Family in Crisis series is a good enough story to make the NY Times bestsellers list. So I’m coming to you my readers who without you, I will be another person with a good story. Please ladies and gentlemen if you liked Nessa talk about it, if you like SECRETS please let folks know about this tall dark and handsome author name Anthony Dasher that is churning out a helluva story that’s a must read. Last but not least when your surfing the cable channels and you come across A Family in Crisis the series or NESSA remember you were a part of making this happen. Have a wonderful day and God Bless you all
…Heavy Out…



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