A Customers thoughts on “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa”

Good late evening everybody, below is a post from one of my readers Ms Mary Sowers and as you can see and I quote “Anthony baby this one HERE !!! mmmmm GOOD… I’m HOOKED”… here is the rest of what Mary said…

Anthony Dasher “s books are fabulous … Looking for a couple of good READS ??? PICK THEM UP … He promised me they were GOOD .. and that’s from the Author

As a author you always think your book is good even when it’s not, but folks “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa” and “Secrets” with “The Truth” on the horizon and “Redemption” to bring it all together are the types of books that come along every so often and will stay with you forever. Now I may not be a marketing or network connoisseur or Social media saavy but i’m a damn good writer and beyond anything but wanting a damn good book to read then I’m ur man and The Family in Crisis series is the books for you….REAL TALK PEOPLE!!! I’m asking you personally to give my books a chance, you will not regret your choice! Please, if you’ve read “Nessa” and “Secrets” and you have a moment please let the FB and Social media community know what you think of my books. Keith Fore, Marinda Alexander, Tracey DarkChocolate Ennis, Tweet McGill, Alicia D Johnson, La’Tonia Pannell-Brown, Gwen Luckey, Economy McGee Jackson, Pamela Johnson, Marc Jenkins, Tony Matos, Tourae Freeman, Deborah Morris Maasi, Deborah Taylor, Kelly Jordan Damon Marshall am I blowing smoke up these folks behinds or did Nessa and for some Secrets make you say WOW!!! I only named a few people but you get my point. I feel I’m on the cusp of something really special happening with my writing so throw a brother a bone, I ain’t to proud to accept charity lol, lmbo rotfl but feeling proud as hell, I’m so close people, so close!!! Much Peace Love and Respect
Anthony D. Dasher Sr.

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