Teasers from the next two books “The Truth” and “Redemption”

Hey ya’ll for those who have read “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa,” and “Secrets” here are teasers from the next two books “The Truth” and “Redemption” Below is from “The Truth”

“The Truth” teaser…
Now pay close attention to what goes down between Nessa and her mother Lisa, again this is in screenplay format!
Prosecution: Ms. Williams I know how hard it is to get in front of a bunch of strangers and talk about something as personal as this. If you don’t get on the stand and tell that jury that the defendant molested you, he will go free and if he is a predator like most of them are, he will do this again and again and again. Do you want that on your conscience?
Nessa: Silent
Prosecution: What you say, can you take one for the team!
Nessa: Take one for the what, man you’re corny as hell…
Suddenly Lisa busts into the room arms flailing and with a loud voice says:
Lisa: (to Nessa) What’s wrong with you Nessa?
Prosecutor: Thank you God!
Nessa: Silence (but smiling)
Lisa: What are you smiling about? Do you think this is funny?
Nessa: I’m laughing at dude.
Lisa: Nothings funny Vanessa, why aren’t you listening to what the judge is telling you to do.
Nessa: Because I don’t have anything to say, that’s why.
Lisa: (calm tone) Why are you doing this Vanessa?
Nessa: (laughing) Doing what, not talking? Since when is that a crime?
Prosecutor: Ms Macmillan without your testimony we have no case. Do you understand that? He is going to go free, you are our entire case. If I knew for certain you were not going to testify I would not have brought this to trial. (looking at Lisa) Your mother assured me you would testify, am I correct Mrs. Macmillan?
Lisa: Yes your correct and she will testify! I just need you to keep silent and let me talk with my daughter.
Prosecutor: Fine Mrs. Macmillan but time is of the essence.
Lisa: Then maybe sir you need to stop wasting it.
The Prosecutor decides to let Lisa handle Nessa and steps back into the shadows.
Lisa: (calmly) Vanessa I want you to stop this nonsense and get your behind back in that courtroom and follow the instructions of the bailiff, the judge and the prosecutor, okay Vanessa?
Nessa: (angry tone) I told you I had nothing to say and trust me, that’s really the way you want it to stay.
Prosecutor: You’re not considering taking the stand and not telling the truth are you, please tell me you’re not going to do that.
Lisa: (to prosecutor) sssshhhh.
Nessa: (Bust out laughing and clapping her hands) Tell him mom.
Lisa: (angry tone) This is not funny, this is not funny! Are you actually trying to let that bastard go free?
Nessa: Well if he’s a bastard and he’s your brother then what are you!!!
Prosecution: Jesus!!! I can’t believe what just happened (Swallows, nervous and sweating profusely) I have to tell the judge something he’s waiting.
Lisa: I told you ……………
Nessa interrupts her mother and says:
Nessa: (calmly) Are you sure you want me to testify mother. Are you sure you want me to go into that court room and tell the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH so help me GOD?
Lisa: That’s exactly what I want you to do Vanessa.
Nessa: Fine let’s do this!

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