Good evening I wanted to let you know who I selected as my choices for Uncle Jordan and Nessa, but first I wanted to thank those who took the time to respond. The ideas you gave were invaluable and went a long way in my decision making process. For those who didn’t respond I’m sure you have your reasons and I thank you anyway. This is real folks. Me and my sister Anita Dasher have spent years working on this and although we’re not giving it away, we’re also ready to see it on the screen big or small. We think we have the next major hit on our hands and look forward to bringing u season after season of stimulating story lines! My three choices for Nessa are Keke Palmer, Coco Jones and Jazz Raycole. My three choices for Uncle Jordan are Blair Underwood, Laman Rucker and I got be honest I still have 13 hrs so I’m torn between Leon, Boris Kodjoe, Michael Beach and Morris Chestnut and I’m taking all 13 to pick the last person. So goodnight all and thank you again for all your help!!!

feeling thankful


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