I’ve been getting ready for my conf call to submit my names to play the role of Lisa(Nessa’s mom) and Rachel(Uncle Jordan’s wife) You this is the furthest I’ve ever gotten with my Screenplay and if it’s God’s will the wait would have finally come to end. So what I’m about to say may be politically incorrect to the company I’m keeping but I need to know why is their such a lack of African American presence on our police forces even though the community being served are majority black??? Where is the African American presence in Congress and the Senate because if the people making the laws are white and the people enforcing the laws are white what chance does the African American community have to but a stop to this genocide because blacks are being killed by white cops at an alarming rate and I want JUSTICE. An African American lady was shot dead here in Atlanta because supposedly she shot at them from the back seat of their police car. Now I’ve never been arrested but I thought they frisk and checked u for weapons and handcuffed u before placing u in the police car. Are these white cops feeling so sure there above the law that they can kill a black female and say she shot at them from inside a police car. Come on folks, I’m scared to death everytime my 19 year old son is driving somewhere especially at night when there is less traffic now I have to be afraid for my daughters, sisters wife cousin aunts friends. This needs to stop!!! if a crime is being committed………………
These are my thoughts, now back to work

10550825_808308259188273_5160176195704071224_n I AM MORE THAN TARGET PRACTICE, I’M A WRITER


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