Hey ya’ll check out the Preface for my 2nd book “SECRETS” it will give you a little insight into what my thought process was while writing and publishing this book.

The writing and now publishing of A Family in Crisis “SECRETS” is the 2nd fulfillment of a journey that dates back to 2007. The 1st fulfillment being SECRET’S, predecessor “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa which itself dates back to 2006. There was a point where I thought SECRETS would be relegated to my trusty laptop, because every time I turned around life kept preventing me from putting the finishing touches on it and because my first book didn’t do as well as I predicted it would. That word called “doubt” started to creep into my spirit. If not for my sister Anita, I probably would not be on the eve of publishing SECRETS. I felt it was important to get SECRETS published primarily because I wasn’t sure people were taking me serious as a writer. In studying the bio’s and history of other authors, I learned many of them didn’t feel validated as an author until their second book was published. SECRETS, continues the story of the main Characters Nessa, Uncle Jordan, Lisa, Anna and the introduction of her boyfriend Andre towards the end of “The Story of Nessa”. We are further introduced to new characters such as Uncle Joe and his wife Marcy, Andre’s parents Charles and Frances and Sandra, Andre’s mother. Hmmmm!” In SECRETS, you get the answers to some questions you’ve anxiously awaited after the first book. For example: you will find out who the father of Nessa’s baby is, the identity of Nessa’s sibling, and as well as Anna’s HIV status. The other questions I’ll let you read the book in order to find the answer. I wrote this type of story because I felt it transcended race, religion, sexual orientation and economic status. Most of us have a Nessa in our family. An Uncle Jordan who everybody calls on to fix whatever is broken. Most of us in the dating realm would love to have a relationship like Andre and Anna’s a void of anything sexual to sustain it True love is the foundation of this relationship and not even HIV could tear them apart. You may not like Lisa and Frances but will respect their strength and independence. It’s not too often you find the main characters in a series of books to be female, strong, and independent who take no prisoners. I come from a family of very strong women so it was easy to draw from that when creating these female characters, although these characters are much more ruthless. LOL!
Don’t forget to go to to order your copy today!

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