Graduation is over now back to the grind. I know most of u are visual people who respond to what u see on TV or in the movies. Now I could get on FB and say things that have not yet happened to get ur support but I’m not built that way. I am asking for a leap of faith. If you have not read “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa” or “Secrets” pls go towww.amazon.com/author/anthonydasher and order your copy today. If you have purchased the book, pls make time to read the books and talk, talk, talk about the books. I really need your support people. In order to get a half way decent deal this story needs some buzz around it. This is a great story folks that anybody with a family can relate to! GET BEHIND ME YOU WON’T REGRET IT! My fellow Vikings Unite! All Dashers, Bradwell, Burns, Holts and Anthony Unite. My fellow service members Unite! If u think of me as a friend or even an acquaintance Unite and help push me over the finish line. I’m asking for your help. Will you give it to me?

15529_1062506747096512_3062601680633010587_n  BookCoverPreview (5)


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